June 4th, 2009

In the Mood for a Sale

Just in case you were wondering…Ladyflash movies are… For the girl who says she’d never have a wedding video.

It’s officially Summertime in Austin, and everybody’s in the mood for love and in the mood for a SALE. The only good thing I’m seeing about the Recession is that everybody’s seems to be jumping on the sale bandwagon… Ladyflash can jump on too and offer a 15 % off “Let’s kick the recession in the you-know-what” saleĀ for last-minute Summer bookings.

You can’t imagine how many women I meet who ask me what I do… they are dismayed that they hadn’t known about me when they got married, as they all chose not to have a wedding video, because every one they’ve ever seen is so B-A-D.

As my former clients, Maria Bergh & Cile Montgomery, the PR gurus behind Giant Media, raved, “Besides making me look fabulous on film, and making my wedding seem more glamorous than it actually was, it’s great to see that four years later, my movie still seems modern, fresh, and not at all dated.” Maria’s event was coordinated by the lovely ladies of Austin’s Clink…with whom I recently collaborated on a wedding in San Miguel de Allende which I’ll be featuring in an upcoming post.

Maria and Kyle's Wedding Movie

a clip from Maria and Kyle's Wedding

a clip from Cile and Mandon's wedding wt. Stills by Sarah Bork Hamilton

a clip from Cile and Mandon's wedding wt. Stills by Sarah Bork Hamilton

While we’re on the topic of endorsements, my new friend, Ryland Peveto, Paper City style-writer-extraordinaire, raves:

“These movies are SO SPECTACULAR, they make me want to get married all over again, and I FILED FOR DIVORCE last week.”

Can we make this into our new t-shirt?

P.S., just in case you’re loving the movie poster at the top of this post, check out the new coffee table book called Art of the Modern Movie Poster, by Chronicle Books…It’s being added to my list of new favorite birthday/wedding gifts.