June 16th, 2009

Lester Marks, a Wildebeest & A Scotch Room


In a recent post I mentioned Ms. Ryland Peveto, whom I was introduced to via another uber-talented Paper City writer, Laurann Claridge. {check out the end of this post for more on Laurann’s latest venture.}

While perusing a copy of Elle Décor; I came across a write-up on Laurann’s collaboration with Holly Moore, on what is now my new favorite  interior design book, Domestic Art: Curated Interiors. The perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, whatever. Order it!

The book showcases approximately 38 fabulously and uniquely designed Texas interiors and their curious and whimsical inhabitants. Most East and West Coasters would never imagine that down here in the land of Bushie and Urban Cowboy, exists some of the most uniquely stylish and unusual art and interior design in the world. Yes, y’all, right here in Texas. What I also love about the book is the writing; the descriptions of the characters who own these fabulous houses…

“Meanwhile, art director, Mike Thompson sips Scotch neat in his Scotch room, watched over by two mounted deer, a pheasant, and a wildebeest. Shouldn’t everyone have a wildebeest…and a Scotch Room?”-Holly Moore, in Domestic Art.

a clip from Penelope & Lester's Houston wedding

a clip from Penelope & Lester’s Houston wedding

One of my surprise discoveries in the book was a section featuring the home of my friend, Lester Marks, a totally eccentric and wonderful character himself, who has been obsessively collecting contemporary art for over 20 years and boasts one of the top 200 contemporary collections in THE WORLD. In 2007, Lester married one of my dearest long-time friends, Penelope Gonzales, hosting a beautiful wedding in Houston, coordinated by the uber-talented ladies of Belle of the Ball, and filmed by Yours Truly.

To go off on a six-degrees tangent, I discovered that Laurann Claridge and I shared several friends in common, including Ashley Woodson of Dogwood32 and ByrdandBleecker, as well as graphics designer, Amanda Hayes of PH Design. Ashley had coincidentally just introduced me to a beautiful new website (naturally, designed by PH Design,) for Laurann’s new fashion line, Claridge and King.